Another Jersey Shore January is about to be in our rear view mirror, and now we can update some of those countdowns that bring summer lovers some winter consolation.

We have already cleared two winter hurdles with January ending and the holiday season behind us. So, now the last big obstacle is February and the inevitable snow it brings. But as we get closer, these countdowns may not warm our hands or feet, but they might just warm our hearts.

Days until St. Patrick's Day...The day that so many at the Jersey Shore loves more than most holidays is only 45 days away. That ain't bad!

Days until Spring. Winters not over until, well, when winter's over and that's only 48 days away (Wednesday, March 20, at 5:59pm if you're keeping score at home).

Days until Memorial Day weekend. The Friday of the weekend that is our unofficial start to Summer 2019 is just 113 days away.

Days until Summer. Alright we're stretching a bit here, but technically the countdown list wouldn't be complete without a peek at summer, which is "only"  141 days away.

And an honorable mention goes to the Days until Friday countdown which comes in at a cool (very cool) 1 day away. Hey, it's a start right? Baby steps!

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