Grab your best plastic bat, a solid glove and a group of friends because the annual James Volpe Foundation Wiffleball Tournament and Family Day fundraiser is back this summer.

James Volpe
James Volpe and his sister in 2010 (Photo courtesy Christine Volpe)

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It will be a more normal feeling tournament this summer as oppose to last summer when many Covid related restrictions were in place that, in part, limited capacity and cut into the Family Day portion of their event.

"We still wanted to have the event but we really had to scale it back. It was really just wiffleball with no family day," John Mucia, James Volpe Foundation Vice-President, tells Townsquare Media News. "We really didn't want any extra fans there just because of all the social distancing and capacity requirements."

With less restrictions in place, it'll feel, look and taste like normal.

"People who don't play wiffleball can come join us for the family day. We'll have our buffet style food this year, our beer garden will be back and obviously non-alcoholic beverages (for minors) and alcoholic beverages for those of age and I-D's will be checked," Mucia said. "Number one priority for us at the event is safety and number two is having fun."

Every cent raised during the event will be going to the non-profit.

"All the proceeds will go to the James Volpe Foundation, which is a non-profit 501c3 charity organization, set-up for our friend James Volpe who was tragically killed in a car accident in May of 2011," Mucia said. "This year just crossed the 10-year anniversary of James' passing so it's definitely been a bit of an emotional year for James' parents and for James' friends and family and we definitely want to make sure that we we have a great event this year and raise as much money as possible for the foundation."

James Volpe running the bases for Jackson Memorial's baseball team
James Volpe running the bases for Jackson Memorial's baseball team (Townsquare Media NJ)

You'll be able to play ball or watch teams play ball and then take the kids around for a day of fun.

On the diamonds of the Holbrook Little League Complex come August 7 at 9:00 am (or Sunday August 8 if it rains), there will be upwards of 50 teams competing for the championship.

"I would urge people to sign up as soon as possible if they want to play," Mucia said. "It'll be similar to prior years in terms of three people to a team minimum, four people to a team maximum so no less than three, no more than four."

The family day portion of the event will begin around 12;00 pm.

"There will be some small prizes given out for the younger kids that will be there," Mucia said.

In addition to players/teams, the foundation is also looking for sponsors for the event.

You can learn more about signing up or becoming a sponsor on their website and Facebook page.

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