Four Jackson residents have been arrested for their alleged roles in a Saturday burglary on Paul Road that took place around 2:46 am.

Jackson Township Police say two men approached the front door, one carrying a handgun, the other carrying a large landscape rock.

The started banging on the door and when nobody answered, the man with the rock started using his weapon to strike the door.

This went on for a while, police say, until another suspect went around the back of the property, came to the front and showed the rest a security camera they had spotted.

One of the men at the door then looked at the camera and reached up to turn it off.

The suspects were then caught on another video entering the shed in the yard and removing a video monitor from inside before leaving but not before walking around the property damaging other security cameras.

In the incident, several cameras were destroyed and the front door of the residence sustained damage as did the door frame and sheet rock surrounding the door.

Police say the damage to the front door of the residence was consistent with the attempt of forced entry.

Several security cameras on the property as well as a motion sensor light had been removed and a shed in the yard had been entered and a video monitor had been stolen.

Officers were able to identify the suspects with the video and the detective bureau continued the investigation which resulted in property being recovered, including clothing that the suspects were wearing during the incident and the handgun one suspect was carrying which was discovered to be a BB gun.

Travis Pollak, 30, was charged with burglary (2nd degree), theft and criminal mischief.

Jesse Pollak, 28, was charged with burglary (2nd degree), theft, criminal mischief, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes.

Hayden Pollak, 23, who was charged with burglary (2nd degree), theft and criminal mischief.

Richard Schlereth, 30, was charged with burglary (2nd degree), theft and criminal mischief.

All four were processed at police headquarters and later lodged in the Ocean County Jail.

The investigation is still ongoing and additional complaints may be pending.

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