Jackson Township Police said that they are working to identify a vehicle involved in a high speed chase after being spotted trying to enter a closed Six Flags Great Adventure theme park.

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The investigation began on Monday night, around 8:44 pm, when Jackson Police said two officers were on patrol along Monmouth Road (Route 537) and spotted two vehicles parked at the entrance ramp to Six Flags facing oncoming traffic.

They of course weren't able to get in because the gates were closed and the park was also closed.

The patrol officers moved in to check on the vehicles, but just as soon as they did, the vehicles took off heading east on Monmouth Road where they then pulled a u-turn to head in the opposite direction.

One of the officers then observed one of the vehicles right in front of him going 10-mph under the posted speed limit, "in what appeared to be an attempt to block him as the second vehicle began pulling away at a high rate of speed."

The officer then pulled around that vehicle and pursued the other who kept increasing his speed to the point where he approached 90-miles per hour.

As the vehicle tried turning left onto Hawkin Road, he crashed into a pole.

Three people then exited the vehicle with one of the passengers fleeing on foot through the woods until he came into some brush at which point he obeyed the officers request to stop and turned around towards the officer.

He then lunged at the officer's holstered firearm which led to a struggle then his arrest.

All three were arrested on scene with assistance from Plumsted Police who arrived to investigate the motor vehicle crash involving the suspects 2014 Mercedes, which has since been impounded.

The three arrested are all from Philadelphia.

The 17-year old male driver is being charged with eluding and multiple motor vehicle summonses including speeding, careless driving, reckless driving and being an unlicensed driver.

He was brought to the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center.

The 16-year old male who ran from the scene was charged with resisting arrest and attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer.

He was also brought to the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center.

An 18-year old male passenger was charged with eluding and released on summons pending a court appearance.

Jackson Police said that a summons was also being issued to the owner of the Mercedes for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle.

Police said that the other vehicle, which was at the park entrance with the suspect vehicle, and was the one who tried to block the officer, came to the scene where officers told the occupants that they would need to be interviewed about the incident.

That's when the vehicle left the scene and police are continuing to work to identify this vehicle further.

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