Jackson Township Police are asking for your help identifying who drives a particular GMC Yukon that was trying to lure a 13-year old girl on Pitney Lane near Danielle Court last weekend.

It was around 12:28 pm on Saturday when police said the vehicle drove past the girl, who had been walking at the time, said something to her and then slowed down.

Thinking on her feet, the girl started a video recording of the vehicle as it backed up towards her.

When the driver caught up to the girl, police report that he asked her:

"Are you cold? I can give you a ride. Get in my car."

The 13-year old then took off from the area and the vehicle towards a home on Danielle Court while the driver left Pitney Lane and was seen heading towards East Veterans Highway.

According to a description provided by the victim, Jackson Police said the driver of the suspect vehicle is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 40-years old, who has short brown hair and was seen wearing a dark colored t-shirt.

(Photo Courtesy: Jackson Township Police Department/Lt. Steven Laskiewicz)
(Photo Courtesy: Jackson Township Police Department/Lt. Steven Laskiewicz)

Police believe his vehicle is a 2007-2014 GMC Yukon XL color white.

"It appears to be bearing a NJ registration of VLP61C, however that registration comes back not on file. Numerous registration combinations were also negative. The vehicle has what appears to be black painted 6 spoke wheels (pictured) and also appears to be missing its rear window wiper," Jackson Police said in a statement.

If you recognize the vehicle and/or have any information that can help Jackson Police in this investigation, you're asked to contact Detective Dominic Manion at 732-833-3016 or Jackson Police Dispatch at 732-928-1111.

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