The second season of Gordon Ramsay's cooking competition 'Next Level Chef' premieres next month on FOX, and when it does, there will be a teacher from Washington Township in the kitchen.

Not only is Matt Groark a health and phys ed teacher at Washington Township High School, he's also the owner of Groark Boys’ BBQ in Sewell, Gloucester County.

Groark is also considered a 'social media chef' because of the following he amassed online sharing barbecue videos and cooking tutorials.

That social media presence caught the attention of 'Next Level Chef' producers as they began casting contestants for Season 2, according to Burlington County Times.

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After a lengthy interview process, which reportedly included a psych evaluation, Matt was invited to take part in the competition, which filmed in London.

'Next Level Chef' is described as a 'one-of-a-kind culinary gauntlet'. Its concept is unique. I've never seen another cooking competition like it. The set is essentially a three-story building, with three different kitchens, ranging from mundane to totally sophisticated. Contestants have to cook well to move up a level, and if they don't, they'll get knocked a level. So, it's kind of a like the cooking show version of 'Chutes and Ladders'.

Groark tells the Burlington County Times that Gordon Ramsay was not the abrasive, hot-headed personality we're used to seeing on 'Hell's Kitchen'. He says, 'The basis of this show was mentorship. I saw a very different side of him.  He was awesome.'

'Next Level Chef' premieres on FOX Sunday, February 12th right after the Super Bowl, so be sure to watch to see how Matt Groark makes out!

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