Beautiful Momma Fox And Pups Causing A Stir At Jersey Shore Beach
Every time I log onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter I see foxes. They're running the beach, bright and beautifully colored, and being trailed by pups. It is quite the sight, generating (in total) thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Of course, I thought I'd share some with you. PS - The fox above is a stock image. You need to see some of the real Jersey Shore foxes!
“Alcatraz” Premieres On Fox [REVIEW]
Two episodes in, and I'm ready to add the Fox show Alcatraz into my regular TV viewing lineup.  The latest project from Executive Producer J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Fringe) combines the addictive formula of a serial criminal drama with the supernatural plot points that Abrams has become known for.