A wildfire that broke out in Winslow, New Jersey was the result of a passing train. Now, officials say the railway company responsible must pay for the response.

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection wants New Jersey Forest Fire Service to be reimbursed for extinguishing the fire, which affected 10 miles of woodland in Winslow Township, Camden County from Berlin-Cross Keys Road to Ancora Psychiatric Hospital on Spring Garden Road in Hammonton, NJ, Patch.com reports.

Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
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More Than a Dozen Wildfires Break Out in Winslow, New Jersey


Winslow Twp. firefighters battled the flames along with several other nearby fire departments and the NJ's Forest Fire Service's ground crews, observation helicopter and a Single Engine Air Tanker that released hundreds of gallons of water.

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Around 20 separate brush fires occurred but no homes, businesses, or roadways were in any immediate danger and all the blazes are now under control, according to NJDEP spokesperson Larry Hajna.

Train Company to Be Held Financially Responsible for Putting Out Winslow, NJ Wildfire

Train tracks

Conrail operates the train involved in creating the fire and will now receive a bill for putting it out, Patch.com reports.

The company is reportedly responsible for maintaining the safety of its tracks as well as its railway cars.

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