In 2012 Hurricane Sandy (also named Superstorm Sandy) slammed New Jersey. Will Hurricane (Your Name Here) be a thing in 2024?

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st, but it's still possible for the Atlantic to see a hurricane before that.

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy
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Naming hurricanes is a thing

Hurricane names are decided years ahead by the World Meteorologist Organization.

We're not quite sure how they come up with the names, but there's one set for Atlantic and Caribbean storms and another set for Pacific storms.

There's some sort of peak, that once a hurricane reaches that level, its name will be retired. Names like Sandy and Katrina will never be used again.

21 letters are used for the names, while the letters Q, U, Y, and Z are not used.

The names must be immediately recognizable, and they must alternate between male and female first names.

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Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
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There are the hurricane names that will be used in 2024

The first named hurricanes for 2024 will be Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, and Ernesto. Next will be Francine, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, and Kirk. Rounding out the rest of the names for 2024 will be Leslie, Milton, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sara, Tony, Valerie, and William.

Coming in 2025 will be Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dexter, Erin, Fernand, Gabrielle, and Humberto. After that will be Imelda, Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo, Melissa, Nestor, and Olga. The rest of the 2025 names will be Pablo, Rebekah, Sebastien, Tanya, Van, and Wendy.

If you share your first name with me, you might be sad to know there is no Hurricane Joseph on the horizon. There is a Hurricane Josephine on the schedule for 2026

SOURCE: World Meteorologist Organization.

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