There are times when you feel like going out and dining at one of your favorite restaurants and hanging there for a time, but then there are times when you just wanna "grab and go". These are the times when "takeout" is the preferred.


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Takeout Davey Gravy




Let's face it, we all have our favorite "takeout" spots. These are our "go-to" eateries that have the best meals when we are on the go. This particular eatery has been named "the best takeout in New Jersey" by Lovefood.


ITA Italian Kitchen
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If I had to bet I would say that on your list of best takeout spots is at least one "Italian" restaurant that you use. I think I have 3 "Italian" restaurants in my contacts lol. Lovefood selected a restaurant in Hudson County for the "best takeout in New Jersey".


Italian Food Benu Marinescu


According to Lovefood, "Craving Italian food in Jersey City? Place an order with ITA Italian Kitchen through GrubHub. You should try the burrata with marinated peaches and almonds, which is fresh and bursting with flavor. The pizza, especially the Mushroom Fungi, which comes topped with béchamel, mushrooms, pickled peppers, scallions, and truffle oil, is well worth ordering too."


Jersey City
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So the next time you are feeling a bit lazy or running short on time or need a place to do the cooking for a get-together, why not try out "Jersey's" best takeout spot ITA Italian Kitchen in Jersey City? If you have gotten takeout at ITA give us your review and your recommendations for us to try out. Post your comments below.


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