Road Trip? The Best Place Possibly To See Monday's Solar Eclipse!

Where can you go for possibly the best view of Monday's eclipse here in the United States? Possibly you need to take a road trip to New York State. That's right, one of the best locations that is in the direct path of the eclipse is Niagra Falls. The "Falls" will get quite a show Monday afternoon and it's the place to be for eclipse lovers.


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In fact, because Niagra Falls is gonna be a busy place during the eclipse, officials have declared a "State of Emergency" because of the increased volume of tourists expected on Monday. According to Fox News, Canada's Niagra Region has declared a "State of Emergency". With the upcoming eclipse set to take place on Monday, some cities have begun taking precautions just in case things don’t go as planned. A state of emergency was recently declared near Niagara Falls, to prepare the area for the eclipse, set to take place on Monday, April 8th. In fact, the Niagra Falls area could see up to a million visitors because of the location and a prime eclipse viewing area. This event could see the most ever tourists around Niagra Falls, ever! 



The moon is expected to completely cover the sun in the direct path of totality, making this a rare opportunity to observe this phenomenon. "Niagara Falls was declared by National Geographic to be one of the best places to see it."


Where will you be for the eclipse on Monday, April 8th? We should see 90% coverage here in New Jersey and sometime in the 3 pm hour will be the time with the most coverage. Be safe and always wear protective glasses for viewing, otherwise avoid it. Be safe during any eclipse.


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