How do you think New Jersey does when it comes to food? Do we do great with seafood because we literally exist on the Atlantic Ocean? Do we have the best fruits and vegetables because we are the "Garden State"? We of course have to mention "pork roll" and "pizza", right? So maybe we do pretty well with cooking here in New Jersey.


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According to a recent article from Far and Wide, the Garden State was ranked 8th in America for absolute best food. Top 10 for Jersey, not bad at all. "Appropriately, when it comes to food, the Garden State might be best known for its tomatoes. Its huge Italian population means plenty of red-sauce joints and pizza that rivals even that of neighbor New York. The state’s long immigrant history has helped shape a diverse cuisine scene, and it even has its own charcuterie: the Taylor Ham roll. Perhaps most importantly, Jersey has more diners than any other state. And let’s be real, it’s hard to go wrong with a Denver Omelet."


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New Jersey is known as the "Garden State" and when it comes to Jersey tomatoes, blueberries, corn, etc, you won't find any better anywhere in America. These fruits and vegetables are the base of any good meal, so no wonder there is a lot of good cooking going on here in Jersey.


Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media



If you are wondering, Far and Wide ranked California as the BEST state for food in America and Alaska ranked WORST for food in the United States. Tell us what is your favorite "Jersey Dish"?


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