Here's what you need to know about changes happening to NJ laws this year.

Happy New Year!

On January 1st, it's common for businesses to change their policies.  For example, your health insurance and other bills might have gone up, maybe some stores have changed their hours of operation, or perhaps your homeowner's association has enacted new rules.  I've also heard of some states phasing out policies that went into place during Covid-19.

You're most likely familiar with the above changes if they happen, but are you as knowledgeable about changes in the law?  It's a good idea to be informed.

Several changes are being made to New Jersey laws this year, and according to, some went into place on January 1st.

What changes were made to New Jersey laws for 2023?

Per, changes have been made to gun restrictions, auto insurance requirements, working hours for teens, and unemployment policies.

You'll want to check your car insurance policy because the minimum amount of liability increased as of January 1st.  To put it plainly, if your policy is lower than the new minium, your bill will go up.

If you're a gun owner, you'll have to re-familiarize yourself with where you can legally carry your weapon.  The article states gun owners can no longer bring weapons to places like schools, government buildings, hospitals, and bars.  The full list of sensitive places where gun carrying is restricted can be found on the state's website.


New Jersey is also tightening up on gun purchases, with weapon owners now needing to register guns purchased from out of state, and by tracking ammunition sales.

If you've got a working teen, they can now take on more hours.  I would've appreciated this law when I was working my first job at an ice cream shop.  Having more money for movies and trips to the mall was always a good thing.

And on the flip side, if you're filing for unemployment, a new law goes into place in July that will help you get your benefits faster.  It's much needed, given the current state of the economy and the increases in job loss.

The article explains other new laws that will help with voter privacy and will create safety plans in case there's an active shooting.

This is just a brief summary of NJ's new laws for 2023.  You can get more info and stay up to date on further law changes at

will any of these 5 silly NJ laws ever change?

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