America’s confidence in its political leaders has been on a steady decline in recent years primarily because we have come to accept that many don’t do what’s best for their constituents or the country but rather what’s best for their party and political future.

Before the coronavirus pandemic is over or at least brought in check that lack of confidence could reach an all-time low.

If ever there was a time for politics to be put aside it is now but every day we’re subjected to one party blaming the other for everything from supplies to what should be open and closed.  When President Trump moved his residence from New York to Florida Mayor Bill de Blasio said the Big Apple was glad to see him go.

Now the mayor is accusing the President of turning his back financially on his “hometown.”

Meanwhile Trump makes matters worse by indicating it would be unfair to Republicans to increase federal funding to help individual states recover from this crisis because just about all those states (including New York and New Jersey) are run by Democrats.  Once again on both sides it’s politics over people.

Who do you really trust to tell you the truth about COVID-19?  I don’t trust or believe anyone and that includes the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci.  It’s not that he has said or done anything wrong but I’m skeptical of basically everything we are being told because I believe everyone has their own agenda.

You have brilliant doctors and scientists who vehemently disagree with one another over the severity of the virus, how you contract it, how to make it go away.  Who do you believe?

There are now reports that basically everyone who dies in a hospital or nursing home will have their death certificate indicate the cause was COVID-19 even if it’s not for financial reasons.  Again who do you believe and who do you trust?

We are not supposed to be experts when it comes things like this coronavirus pandemic but what we want is to believe that those who are will be honest with us and our government will at the end of the day do what is best for the American people.  Sadly I have little confidence in that.


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