The morning rush is always a little hectic no matter how much you plan ahead right?

Honestly, I pack my work bag, gym bag, lunch, AND set up the coffee maker before going to bed each night and still manage to be scrambling when the alarm starts screaming at me the next morning. 

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash
Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Now even if you’re an over achiever in the morning and do manage to get out the door on time, you still have to drive to work.

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THAT can lead to a whole slew of other problems; traffic, road work, getting stuck behind granny for fifteen miles, or driving down the worst road in Ocean County.

I may be a new New Jersey resident, but I know a bad road when I feel it.

So, What Is The Worst Road In Ocean County?

I have my thoughts on this, without a doubt and apparently you do as well!

I posed that exact question on Facebook and Instagram and the result was a resounding ALL OF THEM!

Well, let's limit it down?

On Facebook:

Nicolette Palazzo said "Route 9 near Lakewood, and pretty much all of 37"

Rich Butler chimed in with "70 in Brick"

Lynn Rankin-Gunther nailed it with "the entire GSP"

On Instagram:

Ablumetti64 said the Parkway

Golfbuddy11 went with Route 9

and Denise_Filmore voted for any road in and around Lakewood

What do I think is the worst road in Ocean County?

Well, I'm not alone.

On our Facebook poll Richard Bazzanella, Tammy Zbranak Rizzo, Mikki Potter Roxas and I are all in agreeance;

Washington Street in Toms River

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

 It is the worst. 

Personally I'd like to avoid it, but it's the quickest and most direct route to the station.

Why do I hate it?

How much time do you have?

It’s covered in little holes that aren’t quite big enough to be potholes but ARE big enough to make you apologize to your car when you drive over them.

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Half of the road is freshly paved, while other parts are still pretty old and rough and that is NOT good for the tires.

On top of that, when you come around the Jughandle off 37 to start the merge onto Washington it’s an absolute free for all!

It cuts from two lanes into one lane and there aren’t any lines or signs or any type of guidance. End rant. 

This is an ongoing debate in my opinion since road quality and conditions are always changing so please, if one needs to be added to the list email me at

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