This is a labor of love, coming up with the best "sandwich shop" in New Jersey and one of the BEST in America. Everyone loves a good sandwich and we are looking at the best in the nation.



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According to an article by the Daily Meal, this Garden State sandwich shop is the best in Jersey, and not just that, it's also one of the best in America. According to the Daily Meal, Whitehouse Sub Shop in Atlantic City is ranked #11 in the Nation for best sandwiches. It;'s also the highest rank sandwich shop in New Jersey.




"White House Sub Shop has over 25 different sandwiches, but one reigns supreme. That's the White House Special. It starts with a soft, chewy sub roll from Formica Bros. Bakery, which is absolutely loaded with Genoa salami, ham, and provolone. They also add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, oil, vinegar, dried oregano, and salt and pepper."


White House Subs has two locations in Atlantic City. The original is located on Arctic Avenue and also at the Hard Rock Casino Resort. Visit either location for your favorite sandwiches at New Jersey's best "sandwich shop".

According to the Daily Meal article, the number one sandwich shop in America is Al's Italian Beef in Chicago. Number two on their list Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, and Number three is Katz's Delicatessen in New York City.

Do you have a favorite "sandwich shop" here at the Jersey Shore? Post your recommendations below and let us know where you go and what the "sandwich" is.


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