Let me start by saying any New Jersey pizza is amazing pizza. When it comes to pizza, nobody does it better than New Jersey.

Now I happen to be a little partial to Jersey Shore pizza because I live here, so when I heard that mentalfloss.com named the best pizza in each state of the U.S. and their choice for the Garden State was a place in Jersey City, I wondered what Shore residents would think about that.

Now granted, we love New Jersey pizza no matter what part of the state it's from, and many would argue that North Jersey is the heart of pizza world, and I wouldn't argue with that for a second.

The top pizza place in the state, by the way, was awarded to Razza in Jersey City and we congratulate them for representing the Garden State so well! Now we want to give our favorite Jersey Shore pizzerias a shout out too.

So mention your favorite and remember that no matter how you slice it, the Garden State is home to the greatest pizza in the world, from North Jersey to South Jersey and everywhere in between! Lucky us!

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