There are very few things that rival the start of summer here at the Jersey Shore, but Monmouth & Ocean County Moms certainly do.

In our latest Jersey Shore poll, we asked you what your favorite thing about May is. Deep down we knew Memorial Day weekend seemed to be an obvious answer. It's the Jersey Shore and we've all been waiting a long time for summer.

So the kickoff to summer is the obvious answer. But then we realized there is a bit of a twist in the poll. Mother's Day is a May thing too, and if anything could challenge the love we have for summer, it's the love we have for Mom.

The voting couldn't have been closer. We love our summer and we love our Mom. The question is, do we love them in that order. And the answer is apparently yes...barely.

The top answer in the poll that asked you to tell us your favorite thing about May was Memorial Day weekend, getting 46% of the vote, but Moms were a very close second with 38% of the vote.

The only other answer to get votes besides those two was the change in weather, which got 15% of the vote. For the record, some dates to know for May...Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th, Memorial Day is Monday May 29th, and officially summer arrives June 21st, but of course that's just a formality.

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