So, apparently we live in a state that a major publication thinks might be the most spirited in America, and that sounds like a really good thing. So what exactly does it mean to be a spirited state? For the purpose of this discussion, it basically means we have a lot of great stuff to do here and people are interested in finding out more about our state. So how spirited are we?

Jimmy G
Jimmy G

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Well. we don't really know yet. The Travel Channel started the process by listing the top 10 most searched states on their website. It's just king of a starting point top name the most spirited states in America.

So, while we have to wait on the results for that, we can make note of the fact that the Garden state is one of the most searched for states on one of the premiere travel website in America.

That has to be good news for a state that relies so highly on tourism, especially now. And it's not just the Shore spots that are highlighted here, so it's probably good news for us all year long, not just in the summer.

For the record, the Garden State snuck into the top 10 most searched state on the Travel Channel website, right there at the number 10 spot. Just ahead of us on the list are tourist hot spots like California.New York and Florida, so that's pretty good company.

We're all looking forward to finding out how spirited we are in the Garden State, but for the meantime, let's just enjoy being among the most searched.

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