It feels like the weather at the Jersey Shore isn't normal. It feels colder and rainier than usual, but is the weather that different than an average Jersey Shore May?

We did a little research, and it really doesn't seem like the weather is that different than normal. It may just be that the timing of this damp, dark weather has exaggerated our disappointment. After all, temperatures below 60 on Memorial Day isn't exactly what we dream of.

We checked data at for a Monmouth and Ocean County town, and the average highs for May in those towns. These averages were compiled over about 30 years (between 1981 and 2010) and here's what we found.

The average temperature split for Long Branch over that span was an average of 68 for a daytime high and 51 for a daytime low. The same research found Toms River sightly warmer with a split of 71/49.

Based on that information, we may not feel as bad about our weather. As a matter of fact, our meteorologist Dan Zarrow says the average high temperature this May was 69.2 degrees, so it was pretty close to normal.

So why did May feel so miserable to us? The difference we're sensing may be in the precipitation totals. In Monmouth County, rainfall ranked in the top 5 all time for May, with nearly 8 inches of rain recorded.

So we continue to hope for some clear skies and dry days that are certain to be on the way, and then it will feel like summer at the Jersey Shore again!

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