Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

How could I have not known about this, I love it.

I don't live in Lacey, I live in Berkeley, but - how cool? From what I'm hearing other towns have them, like the Seaside Heights game is for sale in the Toms River Walmart.

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The Lacey Township-Opoly is available at the Walmart in Lacey along Rt. 9.

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Just like the regular Monopoly you have to own things. This game allows you to own certain businesses in Lacey, like Argos Farm and Anthony's Seafood. I love how it represents the local businesses.

The Popcorn Park Zoo has a space and the Annual Apple Festival. This is funny, from the the game and it's the truth - You ate too many steamed clams from Captain's Inn, lose 1 turn to recover. Come on, that's so local and fun. We've all been there. I personally love instead of go to jail it's get stuck in the traffic jam. Everyone knows Lacey Township and New Jersey's roadways, this is perfect with the traffic jams, especially in the summer.

Lacey Township High School is on the board, Ocean County Library, Albert Music Hall, Deer Head Lake, and so many more.

It's so cute the way the Lacey Walmart has it on display. You can see game pieces - there's a pretzel, the Jersey smile, a shoe, and a heart. I believe there are several other pieces, also.

As you collect $200 as you pass go you will be celebrating Lacey Township. These games look like so much fun. You might see a spot on the board that you're not familiar with. I believe you can purchase Lacey Township-Opoly for $19.99 and it's only available at Walmart, that I've seen.

What other towns have a Monopoly board?

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