I got boosted!  This is a great way to stay protected from COVID-19.  Especially, if you have older members of the family you frequently visit.  Since my wife and I just moved back to the area, we needed to make this a priority.  Well, I definitely needed to make this a priority.  More on that in a second.    

This is the big reason why I’m excited to get my second shot, yes, second.  I first received the Johnson & Johnson shot.  Why?  Because it was first available, but yeah we can talk about how I got the third-best vaccine available.  Again, easily and readily available.  Have I managed to avoid COVID?  Yes, like the plague…. Get it?  

Fauci said that Johnson & Johnson recipients should have had a two-shot application the entire time and now people who have received the Johnson & Johnson shot should get a booster at least 2 months after.  Yes, you read that correctly, two months.  I received my shot in April.  We are now in December.  

I was able to find an appointment, pretty easily, at a pharmacy in Toms River.   Scheduled and just got it done.  

Stay close for updates, my first (and only dose) a few months ago put me down for the day.   Of course, my wife was thinking that I played up my pain and suffering.  OK, maybe it wasn’t that bad.  The pharmacist who administered the shot said that if I felt effects from my first shot, there’s a good chance I’ll feel it for the second.  Another thing that I noted from my visit; she said that if I had side effects, there is a good chance I had COVID-19.  There are a few signs pointing that I may have had it in 2019.  

The side effects I felt; woke up the next day and felt like I ran a marathon.  Then, throughout the day, I was really hot, then really cold, then really hot, and so on.  No fever though.  Then the headache hit.  The oddest thing happened later that night, at 6 pm, I felt completely normal.  Seriously, nothing happened.   

My wife ended up going with Pfizer, because she’s smarter, and has more patience.  I’m not going to lie, I was thinking, “just wait until you feel this.”  She didn’t have one side effect.  At all.  

Not sure what this will do or how it will feel but I’ll definitely keep you updated with the play-by-play.

Thursday COVID-19 Booster Update

10:30 am Update:
This morning, I woke up around 6am with a little soreness around the injection site.  This was a different reaction than the first J&J shot that I received.  Now at 10:30, I'm starting to feel a little more run-down but still OK.

2:30 pm Update:

So, I'm starting to feel the mild headache that everyone has been talking about but that is in addition to the sore arm.  I'm a little more sleepy than normal as this time, but, I could just need coffee.  Getting ready for the show and will have an update around 5 pm.  All and all, not horrible.

Now that I'm boosted, it's time to enjoy the holidays.

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