If you listen to this segment with any regularity then you are likely aware that I love summer…I mean I really love summer.  In a normal year I would get to the beach every Saturday & Sunday and save most of my vacation days so I could spend a week or two there. However due to my back and foot issues I only made it 7 times to the North Avenue beach in Seaside Park.

Let e go back to my opening statement about how I love summer and the beach. There is only one consolation to that ending and that is football season which is here.  There was no football season for me last year following my first surgery and I really missed covering high school games on Friday nights and spending Saturday’s as the public address announcer for Monmouth University home games.

It’s funny that I didn’t realize how much I missed it until this past weekend.  Friday night I was at the Manasquan-Point Boro game and the atmosphere was electric at Al Saner Field.  The student sections were large and loud, especially the home team Panthers who were dressed in black.  In general the place was packed as both communities turned out for this rivalry game between schools separated by just 5 miles.

Then Saturday I returned to the press box at Kessler Stadium for Monmouth’s home opener against Fordham.  I’m not sure how long I’ve been announcing the Hawks games but I go back to when the press box was like a rectangular closet filled with too many people including an official who sat right next to me and ate a sub which left a smell that I could not avoid.  As part of the stadium expansion the new press box is a five-star facility and I have plenty of space.

My spot (?) in the press box at Kessler Stadium
My spot (?) in the press box at Kessler Stadium

I also strongly recommend if you want to see exciting college football close to home then you spend a Saturday in West Long Branch watching the Hawks.  They play exciting football, losing a wild 52-49 game to Fordham that went down to the last play.  This Saturday at 1pm Monmouth will host Georgetown and I promise you’ll not only enjoy the game but the PA Announcer.  He’s not bad!

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