Two Howell Middle School North students find themselves in trouble after one kicked a can of pepper spray on the floor of a 'First Student' school bus, which serves the West Farms Road area, causing it to discharge Tuesday, according to Howell Police.

The female student says it was an accident.

A parent, who contacted the district, says her daughter "had it in her possession after she gave it to her for her own safety."

There were no injuries, but both students were transferred to another bus.

Howell Police continue to investigate the incident by conducting interviews and reviewing bus video footage.

The school district is also actively involved in the investigation, police said.

Howell Police remind parents not to provide such items to their children.

"The students can be disciplined by the district and the juvenile as well as the parent(s) can be charged criminally by the police. During school, leave the protection to us."

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