There’s an old adage that goes something like this: ”when you have nothing to talk about, you talk about the weather.”

It got me thinking as to why weather is so often the way we start a conversation especially when it’s with someone you have just met or don’t know very well.
I guess the reason is that it’s the one thing that affects everyone. I mean, there is weather everywhere and in today’s politically-charged times it’s about as neutral a topic as you’ll find. However I have discovered another one.

Let’s say you’re in the company of someone and you’ve already discussed the weather and need another topic to go to. You can’t talk politics and while sports sometimes works if the other person has no interest you’re left speechless. So what would be a topic that all of us who live around here could relate to?

How about your pet peeves when it comes to driving.

Come on. We all have them. I would start with how upset I get over drivers who simply refuse to use their turn signals. We all experience that as the vehicle in front of you is moving along and then all of a sudden the brake lights go on and they make a turn with no warning, no signal and no time for you to do anything but jam on the brakes.

By this time you likely have the other person you’re talking to shaking their head in agreement and recounting a recent episode they had along the same lines.

Now you move on to things like drivers who change lanes constantly, stay in the left or passing lane at well below the speed limit, leave their turn signals on, refuse to let others in when merging, take up two parking spaces and more.

You have to be very careful if you bring up those who talk on their phone while driving because the person you are talking with may very well be one of those.

Keep it simple and you’ll find yourself in a wonderful conversation which could be the beginning of a great friendship. If it doesn’t work just excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. When you come out maybe they’ll be gone.

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