No one will deny that there is a torrid love affair going on between New Jersey and coffee. Tell a Jersey Shore resident they have to start their day without their beloved caffeine fix, and you will probably lose a friend. Our want and need for coffee is that deep. Or is it? One report says our coffee love affair is more in our head than in our stomach.

Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

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Wait, what? Is there a study saying New Jersey is not in love with our coffee? That's pretty hard to swallow. See what I did there?  But, believe it or not, there is a study that suggests we are not even among the top coffee drinking states, let alone the top one.

So, the work was done by Zippia, and it turns out, we may like coffee here in New Jersey, but we're not breaking any coffee drinking records. As a matter of fact, the Garden State ranks as the 4th LEAST caffeinated state in the country.

They used a combination of factors to determine its results, and you can drink up all the data at Zippia. Wow, I'm on a roll today.

So, despite all the pumpkin spice chatter we've al been hearing over the past month or so, we still have to settle in on the fact that we are one of the 'least caffeinated' states in America.

By the way, when we do get around to having a coffee, our favorite kind in New Jersey is according to WorkWise is Iced Latte. And that's about to change soon, too right?

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