I’m back! Did you miss me or simply forget me?

As I usually do I took a few well-deserved days off after the completion of the WOBM Christmas Classic and my wife and I spent a good portion of that time to get caught up on movies we wanted to see. We saw La La Land, Hidden Figures, Fences and Why Him?, most of those at the Xscape Theatres in Howell which has become our favorite.

All were very good in their own way but La La Land is special and a throwback to a time when musicals were a big part of Hollywood. Hidden Figures tells an amazing story of three black women working at NASA in the early 60’s and Fences while slow at times features brilliant performances by Viola Davis & Denzel Washington. Why Him? was the comedy break in between. It’s rude, crude and pretty funny.

Speaking of movies “La La Land” won a record 7 Golden Globe awards last night which breaks the old mark of six held by “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Midnight Express.” The show itself was a disappointment as Jimmy Fallon came up very short as the host. After the first few minutes you didn’t even know he was there and rarely made anyone laugh.

As expected it turned into a Donald Trump bash-fest as Hollywood still can’t come to grips with the fact that voters did not deliver a victory for Hillary Clinton two months ago. Meryl Streep is being lauded for her speech in which she took the President-elect and his incoming administration to task.

While eloquent at times she is among the many “A-list celebrities” who truly believe the public cares what they think when in fact they are admired for their talent as an actor, musician or athlete.

Belated wishes for a Happy New Year and I hope you missed me. At least a little.

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