TRENTON -- A water main break closed the Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton on Monday.

Spokeswoman Winnie Comfort said that all court offices and courtrooms will be closed due to the break.

The complex, located at Market and Warren streets, is the headquarters for the state Department of Justice and Office of the Public Defender, and was built in 1982.

Trenton Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Varn said break is located on Market Street at Warren Street in front of the Justice Complex flooding out the intersection.Trenton Water Works is evaluating the break and attempting to make repairs, according to Varn.

The exit ramps from both directions of Route 29 to Market Street were closed creating long backups. Route 1 traffic was also backed up into Bucks County in Pennsylvania as well. Varn said that Market Street between Warren Street and Route 29 and William Trent was closed between Market Street and Shepherd Street.

Merkle Cherry, acting Director of Public Works, said  a 16-inch water main broke early Monday morning due to the extreme cold and affected mainly the east and south wards of the city. "Everyone is back up and running except for the justice complex," according to Cherry, which will likely be out of service for much of the day.

"We're an old city so some of the pipes have some ago on them," Cherry said. adding that the break happened about 4 to 4-and-a-half feet under the sidewalk in front of the justice complex causing it to buckle. It will ultimately be removed to make the repair, according to Cherry.

Cherry said that the water is safe to drink but may have a slight brown tint because of sediment. "Just run the water for a few minutes and you'll be fine," Cherry said.

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