I don't think we're being arrogant when we say we're a pretty attractive state. We have eyes, and we see attractive people all the time around the Jersey Shore and all over the state. And now a national publication has taken the time to rank the states in order of attractiveness. Do the results back our attractiveness claim?

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

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Let's start by saying Zippia had a, well, interesting way to determine attractiveness. Some of the categories they used to determine attractiveness included interest in grooming, hair and clothing, obesity levels, average income, activity levels and STD rates.

So, I guess nothing about smile, personality, loyalty or generosity factors into their definition of attractive? Keeping that definition in mind, we still want to know how attractive we are, right?

Well get ready for some good news. That's right New Jersey, we did good. How good? Yep? As good as you can do. Zippia says New Jersey is the single most attractive state in America!

No, we weren't being arrogant when we confessed our belief that we are kind of beautiful. It's not just us. It's been documented in a real study. How nice is it to know that you contributed to New Jersey being the most attractive state in the whole country? It feels good!

For the record, here are the categories and rankings that sent us to the top:

Obesity Rate: 25.7%

STD Cases: 527

Activity Level: 21%

So, congratulations to us for being so gosh darn attractive. and taking us right to the top of this list!

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