This video of a New Jersey driver has gained national attention because we are seeing more and more incidents of drivers acting irrationally on the roadways, not just here in New Jersey but around the Nation.


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This latest "road rage" incident happened on the Palisades Parkway and what makes this one stand out is that another motorist who had a dash-cam caught this completely enraged behavior on camera. It shows just how bad it has gotten and maybe after watching this video YOU will remind yourself to take a deep breath next time you feel anger on the highways because it can kill.


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One thing we all are feeling during this Pandemic is added stress. We are all feeling stress from all kinds of angles. Health, career, relationship, school, and economics. It's been a lot of stress and we seem to be taking it out on each other on the roadways and we have to stop. It's not just the highways, we see people losing their cool at gas stations, banks, restaurants, stores, and more.

We all need to remember to relax at times and when you're going 100 mph it can make it very scary as you see in this video. It's reported the driver did survive this wreck which is a miracle. Just take a deep breath everyone we will all get through this unless we let ourselves meltdown.

Watch this motorist as they completely lose it on the Palisades Parkway in North Jersey.





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