This is one of the most delicious-sounding things I've never heard of before. It's a combination of a chewy delicious Japanese mochi and a waffle, and I don't think we should have to drive to Jersey City to get one. It's called a moffle.

I found out about the whole thing on Love Food, which named Moffle Bar, a food truck based in Jersey City the best waffle place in New Jersey. This can't be the only place in the state that has them. Have you heard of them in Monmouth or Ocean Counties?

I searched "moffle Monmouth County" and 10 muffler places showed up. I don't think they serve breakfast. Waffle Cabin did pop up among the muffler places, so I called them.

They do not have the moffle, but owners Karen and Tom have a great food truck that you may have seen at local street fairs, or even at the Seastreak. They do office parties and help out many charities. You can reach them on Instagram.

I tried the same in Ocean County, and a muffler place and the Office of the Ocean County Clerk came up. Neither of those has moffles, to the best of our knowledge.

If anybody knows a place around here that has moffles, please let us know. if not, it looks like I'm taking a journey toward Jersey City to try to catch this truck at a street fair or something.

If you feel like keeping it close to home, and you have a little patience, you can order different kinds of moffle mixes on their website.

Moffle Bar
Moffle Bar

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