With Christmas only weeks away (eeeek) I thought this would be awesome info to share with you guys! We always talk about buying for our kids and what the hottest new toy or gadget is for them but we also have to shop for our parents and grandparents and most of us have no idea what a good gift for them would be. I did some digging and I found the top 10 gifts this year for our older family members...here is a list of things they never knew they wanted:

  1.  Perfect Pod's K Cups Eco-Fill Deluxe & EZ-Cup: Re-useable K Cups allows seniors to enjoy coffee without having to do any clean-up. With normal K Cups, you pay extra for the convenience. This is the best of both worlds for seniors on a budget. $12.99
  1. Mulberry Silk Eye Mask by Celestial Silk: It is important for seniors to get a good night’s sleep. This comfortable silk eye mask is great for naps and durable for continued nightly use. Very useful for seniors that live with others or in a senior living community. $17.00
  1. Tip ‘n Split: This calculating device is perfect for restaurant lovers. The magnifier and light makes it easier for seniors to read the small check in dimly lit restaurants. It also calculates the tip and splits bills for groups in seconds. $19.95
  1. MinxNY "Aromasoles" : Grandma or mom will love these essential oil-infused slipper socks. They provide moisture and have a non-skid bottom for safety. Available in lavender, shea butter, coconut, and more. $19.99
  1. 50 After 50--Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life by Maria Leonard Olsen: This book is about self-care, overcoming setbacks, learning to love oneself and stretching one's comfort zone. Olsen tried 50 new things during her 50th year, following divorce, becoming sober and an empty nester, to become the best version of herself.  $20.99
  1. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company: Baked using a family recipe from Brooklyn, NY in the 1950’s, have these old-school delights delivered right to the door of your favorite senior. Flavors include classic, blueberry and salted caramel and more. $30
  1. Giftgowns: Hospital gowns are uncomfortable and boring. Get them a special gown based on their personality with phrases such as, “I’d rather be golfing.” Perfect for seniors who are in the hospital or recovering at home. $39.99
  1. Wahl Deep Tissue Massager: A great gift for seniors who suffers with aches and pains. This lightweight but strong massager attacks muscle pain hiding down below the surface, offering relief for years to come. $39.99
  1. Lamp Angel by inPowered Lights: This gift offers piece of mind knowing that if the power goes out this lamp offers up to 24 hours of continuing backup light without electricity. $59.99
  1. Spectacles Holder: Does your senior always misplace their glasses? This perfect podium for their desk, coffee table or nightstand is a practical gift to help them remember where they heck they left their glasses. $65.00

You can read more ideas on seniorly.com

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