The 2019 general elections are done and we now know who has won and will be representing your town, county and community in the state of New Jersey.

Here are the winners of the Jersey Shore affected election races with unofficial results coming in via the Ocean and Monmouth County Clerks Offices.

Barnegat Township Committee - Republican Albert Bille.

Barnegat Light Council - Republicans Frank Mikuletzky and Samuel Alloway.

Barnegat Light Board of Education: Marilyn Wasilewski.

Barnegat Township Board of Education: Sean O'Brien, Robert Sawicki and Richard Quelch.

Barnegat Township Board of Education (S.R.H.S.D.): James DonaHower.

Bay Head Mayor - Republican William Curtis.

Bay Head Council - Republicans Douglas Lyons and Holly MacPherson.

Bay Head Board of Education: Barry Pearce and Shannon Curtis.

Beachwood Mayor - Republican Ron Roma.

Beachwood Council - Republicans Gerry LaCrosse and Ed Zakar.

Beach Haven Board of Education: Jean Frazier and Irene Hughes.

Berkeley Township Mayor - Republican Carmen Amato Jr.

Berkeley Township Council At Large - Republicans John Bacchione, Tom Grosse and Keith Buscio.

Berkeley Township Board of Education: Michele Shedlock, Edward Cammarato and Stephen Pellacchia.

Berkeley Township Board of Education (C.R.S.D.): Denise Pavone Wilson, Ralph Frulio and Lou Tuminaro.

Brick Council: Democrats Andrea Zapcic, Lisa Crate, Arthur Halloran and Vincent Minichino.

Brick Township Board of Education: Melita Gagliardi and Daisy Haffner.

Eagleswood Committee - Republican Michael Pasternak.

Eagleswood Board of Education: Kelly Stover and Paul McMahon.

Harvey Cedars Commissioners: John Imperiale, Jonathan Oldham and Paul George Rice.

Island Heights Board of Education: Robert MacNeal and Dana Weber.

Island Heights Council: Robert Baxter and Melissa Wudzski.

Island Heights Council (1-year term): Lynn Pendleton.

Jackson Board of Education: Michael Walsh and Thomas Colucci.

Lacey Committee: Republicans Steven Kennis and Peter Curatolo.

Lacey Board of Education: Linda Downing, Donna McAvoy and Edward Scanlon.

Lacey Board of Education 2-year term: Harold 'Skip' Peters Jr.

Lakehurst Mayor - Republican Harry Robbins.

Lakehurst Council - Republicans Steven Oglesby and Brian DiMeo.

Lakehurst Board of Education: David Burton.

Lakewood Committee - Republican Albert Akerman.

Lakewood Board of Education: Meir Grunhut, Isaac Zlatkin and Shlomie Stern.

Lavallette Council: Republicans Robert Lamb and Michael Stogdill.

Lavallette Board of Education: Jarrod Grasso.

Little Egg Harbor Committee: Republican Barbara Jo 'Bobbi' Crea.

Little Egg Harbor Board of Education: Theodore Kielb.

Little Egg Harbor Board of Education (P.R.S.D.): Betti Anne McVey, Thomas Rosetti and August Daleo.

Little Egg Harbor Board of Education (P.R.S.D. 1-yr): Rachel Harper.

Long Beach Board of Education: Brielle Hoffacker.

Manchester Council: Robert Hudak.

Manchester Board of Education: Daniel Staples and Gayle Mount.

Mantoloking Council: Republicans Lynn O'Mealia and D'Arcy Green.

Ocean Committee: Republican Benjamin LoParo.

Ocean Board of Education: Daniel Eberenz.

Ocean Gate Council:  Republicans Joella Nicastro and Robert Livingston.

Ocean Gate Board of Education: Aaron Gottesman.

Pine Beach Mayor: Republican Lawrence Cuneo.

Pine Beach Council: Republicans Barry Wieck and Raymond Newman.

Plumsted Committee: Republicans Herbert Marinari and Robert Bowen.

Plumsted Committee (1year term): Republican Leonard Grilletto.

Plumsted Board of Education: Leslie Sector and Sandra Soles.

Point Pleasant Council: Republicans Joseph Furmato Jr. and Charlene Archer.

Point Pleasant Borough Board of Education: Jacquelyn Wieland and Diane Peterson.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor: Republican Paul Kanitra.

Point Pleasant Beach Council: Republicans Arlene Testa and Douglas Vitale.

Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education: Joyce Popaca and Sherry Finn.

Seaside Heights Mayor: Republican Anthony 'Tony' Vaz.

Seaside Heights Council: Republicans Richard Tompkins and Louis DiGuilio.

Seaside Heights Board of Education: Edward Pasieka and James Boyd.

Seaside Park Mayor: Republican John Peterson Jr.

Seaside Park Council: Republicans Faith Liguori and Ray Amabile.

Seaside Park Board of Education: Gary Yedman and Jasmin Grosso.

Ship Bottom Council: Republicans Tom Tallon and Robert Butkus.

South Toms River Council: Republicans Tanya Mosley and Thomas Rolzhausen.

Stafford Township Board of Education: Joseph Mangino, Mark Zoladz and Walter Jauch.

Stafford Township Board of Education (S.R.H.S.D.): Kevin Lyons.

Surf City Mayor: Republican Francis Hodgson Sr.

Surf City Council: Republicans Jacqueline Siciliano and Peter Hartney.

Toms River Mayor: Republican Maurice 'Mo' Hill.

Toms River Council: Republicans Matthew Lotano, Joshua Kopp and Kevin Geoghegan.

Toms River Board of Education (Beachwood): Alex Mizenko.

Toms River Board of Education (Pine Beach): Kevin Kidney.

Toms River Board of Education (Toms River): Kathleen Eagan.

Tuckerton Council: Republicans Samuel Colangelo and Michael Santo.

Tuckerton Board of Education: Patricia Horner and Deborah McMunn.

Ocean County 9th District Assembly - Republicans Brian Rumpf and DiAnne Gove.

Ocean County 10th District Assembly - Republicans Greg McGuckin and John Catalano.

Ocean County 12th District Assembly - Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton.

Ocean County 30th District Assembly - Republicans Sean Kean and Edward Thomson.

Ocean County Sheriff - Republican Mike Mastronardy.

Ocean County Freeholders - Republicans John 'Jack' Kelly and Virginia 'Ginny' Haines.

Aberdeen Council: Democrats Arthur Hirsch, Concetta Kelley, Gregory Cannon and Robert Swindle.

Matawan-Aberdeen Board of Education (Aberdeen): Tara Martinez and Kizzie Osborne.

Allenhurst Board of Education (Full Term): Lawrence O'Rourke and Robert Selden.

Allenhurst Board of Education (2-year term): Frederic Costanzo.

Allentown Mayor: Thomas Fritts.

Allentown Council: Martha Johnson and Daniel Payson.

Upper Freehold Board of Education (Allentown): William Borkowski.

Asbury Park Board of Education: Connie Breech, Barbara Lesinski and Dominic Latorraca. 

Atlantic Highlands Mayor: Republican Loretta Gluckstein.

Atlantic Highlands Council: Republicans Stephen Boracchia and Brian Boms.

Henry Hudson School District (Atlantic Highlands): Ezra Ardolino.

Henry Hudson School District (Atlantic Highlands - 2yr term): Craig Domanski.

Atlantic Highlands Board of Education: Deborah Appello, Elisabeth Eittreim and Ryan Palamara.

Avon Commissioner: Edward Bonanno, John Magrini and Robert Mahon.

Belmar Council: Republicans James McCracken and Thomas Carvelli.

Belmar Board of Education: Aileen Bryne-Fahy, Cherie Adams and Antoinette Raucci.

Bradley Beach Board of Education (Full Term): Margaret Merenda, Donald Warnet and Barbara Carlucci.

Bradley Beach Board of Education (1-year): Dwight Gerdes.

Bradley Beach Council: John Weber, Randy Bonnell, Tim Sexsmith and Al Gubitosi.

Brielle Mayor: Republican Thomas Nicol.

Brielle Council: Republicans Michael Gianforte and Cort Gorham.

Brielle Board of Education: Kurt Becker, Stephen LaValva and David D'Ambrosio.

Colts Neck Committee: Republican Sue Fitzpatrick.

Colts Neck Board of Education: Danielle Alpaugh, Marian Castner and Jacquelyn Hoagland.

Deal Board of Education: Dennis Melofchik.

Eatontown Council Full Term: Republicans Kevin Gonzalez and Maria Grazia Escalante.

Eatontown Council 2-year Term: Republican Joseph Olsavsky.

Eatontown Council 1-year Term: Republicans Mark Regan Jr. and Edwin Palenzuela.

Monmouth Regional Board of Education (Eatontown): Mary Anne Linder.

Eatontown Board of Education (Full Term): Lori Flynn, Nelson Ortiz and Karen Zaletel.

Eatontown Board of Education (1yr term): Carl Lawson.

Englishtown Mayor: Republican Thomas Reynolds.

Englishtown Council: Republicans Daniel Martner and Gregory Wojyn.

Fair Haven Council: Democrats Meghan Chrisner-Keefe and Michael McCue.

Farmingdale Mayor: Republican James Daly.

Farmingdale Council: Republicans Michael Romano and George Dyevoich.

Freehold Boro Mayor: Democrat Kevin Kane.

Freehold Boro Council: Democrats Margaret Rogers and Adam Reich.

Freehold Township Committee: Republican Maureen Fasano.

Freehold Regional Board of Education (Englishtown): Diana Cappiello.

Rumson-Fair Haven Board of Education (Fair Haven - Full): Anthony Leland.

Rumson-Fair Haven Board of Education (Fair Haven - 1yr term): Eileen Hickey.

Fair Haven Board of Education: Sheri D'Angelo, Carol Lang and Marisa Coar.

Freehold Regional Board of Education (Howell): Marc Parisi.

Freehold Regional Board of Education (Farmingdale): Kathie Lavin.

Farmingdale Board of Education: Jessica Verney.

Freehold Borough Board of Education (Full Term): Paul Ceppi, Brent Costleigh and Tyler Jordan.

Freehold Borough Board of Education (1yr term): Tomi 'Elisha' Carter.

Freehold Township Board of Education: Jennifer Patten, Debra Costanza and Elena O'Sullivan.

Hazlet Board of Education (Full Term): George Theis, Heather Elm and Laura O'Hara.

Hazlet Board of Education (1 year Term): John Granite.

Hazlet Committee Full Term: Republicans Scott Aagre and Michael Glackin.

Hazlet Committee 1-year Term: Republican Michael Sachs.

Henry Hudson Board of Education (Highlands): Mark Heter.

Highlands Board of Education: Diane Knox.

Highlands Mayor: Carolyn Broullon.

Holmdel Committee: Cathy Weber and Prakash Santhana.

Holmdel Board of Education: Elizabeth Urbanski, Joseph Hammer and Michael Sockol.

Howell Board of Education: Cristy Mangano, Mark Bonjavanni and Joseph Tate.

Interlaken Mayor: Republican Michael Nohilly.

Interlaken Board of Education: Jonathan Cohen.

Interlaken Council: Republicans John Rush Butler and Brendan Watson.

Keansburg Board of Education: Michael Mankowski, Kenneth Cook Jr. and Brooke Clayton.

Keyport Council: Democrats Victoria Pacheco and Delia Sosa McDermott.

Keyport Board of Education (Full Term): Ruth Anne Grabowski, Patricia Olsen and Joseph Stahl.

Keyport Board of Education (1 year Term): Jennifer Tevis.

Little Silver Mayor: Republican Robert Neff Jr.

Little Silver Council: Republicans Donald Galante and Corinne Thygeson.

Lake Como Council: Democrats Douglas Witte and Hawley Scull.

Lake Como Board of Education: Michele Cartaya.

Little Silver Board of Education: Andrew Walsh.

Village of Loch Arbour Board of Education: Martin Januario.

Long Branch Board of Education: Donald Covin, Michele Critelli and Avery Grant.

Manalapan Committee: Republicans Mary Ann Musich and Eric Nelson.

Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Education: Christine Parisi, David Kane and Sunil Polepalli.

Manasquan Council: Republican Gregg Olivera and Democrat Richard Read.

Manasquan Mayor: Democrat Edward Donovan.

Manasquan Board of Education: Joseph Loffredo Jr., Alfred Sorino III and Thomas Pellegrino.

Marlboro Mayor: Democrat Jonathan Hornik.

Marlboro Council: Democrats Michael Scalea and Randi Mardner.

Marlboro Board of Education (Full Term): Jennifer Silacci, Tricia Branch and Randy Heller.

Marlboro Board of Education (1year Term): Robert Daniel.

Matawan-Aberdeen Board of Education (Matawan): Annette Ascoli.

Matawan Mayor: Democrat Joseph Altomonte.

Matawan Council (Full Term): Democrats Brett Michael Cannon and Brian Livesey.

Matawan Council (2-year Term): Democrat John Lazar.

Middletown Committee: Republicans Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibell.

Middletown Board of Education: John Little, Michael Donlon and Leonora Lacqua-Caminiti.

Millstone Committee: Republican Albert Ferro.

Monmouth Beach Board of Education: Joseph Vecchio, Boyd Decker and Christopher Dudick.

Neptune City Mayor: Republican Andrew Wardell.

Neptune City Council: Republicans Danielle Pappas and Brian Thomas.

Neptune City Board of Education (Full Term): Sheryl Zanni, Marissa Smith and Lisa Wardell Rummel.

Neptune City Board of Education (1 Year Term): Robert Brown.

Neptune Township Committee: Democrats Carol Rizzo and Robert Lane Jr. 

Neptune Township Board of Education: Chanta Jackson, Donna Puryear and Fabian Howe.

Oceanport Mayor: John Coffey Jr.

Oceanport Council: Thomas Tvrdik and Meghan Walker.

Oceanport Board of Education: Mark Patterson, Michelle McMullin and Marion Wilhalme.

Ocean Township Board of Education: Amy McGovern, Grace Ann Talarico and Jeffrey Weinstein.

Red Bank Boro Council: Democrats Erik Yngstrom and Kathleen Horgan.

Red Bank Regional Board of Education: Irwin Katz, Diane Davis and Emily Doherty.

Red Bank Borough Board of Education (Full Term): Erik Perry, Benedict Forest and Suzanne Viscomi.

Red Bank Borough Board of Education (1Year Term): Jennifer Herold Garcia.

Roosevelt Boro Mayor: Democrat Peggy Malkin.

Roosevelt Council Full Term: Democrats Michael Hamilton and Luke Dermody.

Roosevelt Council 2-year Term: Democrat Chad Vroman.

Rumson-Fair Haven Board of Education (Rumson): Jane Pattwell and Katherine Thompson.

Rumson Borough Board of Education: Stacy Izzo, Tara D'Uva and Scott Caldwell.

Rumson Mayor: Republican Joseph Hemphill.

Rumson Council: Republicans Laura Atwell and James Kingsbery.

Sea Bright Mayor: Republican Brian Kelly.

Sea Bright Council: Kevin Birdsall and Democrat Samuel Catalano.

Sea Girt Mayor: Republican F. Ken Farrell.

Sea Girt Council (Full Term): Republicans Matthew Mastrorilli and Melissa Giegerich.

Sea Girt Council (1-year Term): Republican Mark Clemmensen.

Sea Girt Board of Education: John Lajewski.

Shrewsbury Board of Education (Full Term): Jessica Groom, Carolyn Barber and Karen Hepburn-Goldberg.

Shrewsbury Board of Education (1 Year Term): Christopher Jannuzzi.

Shrewsbury Boro Council Full Term: Republicans Deidre Derasadourian and Jason Sena.

Shrewsbury Boro Council 1-year Term: Republican Brendan Gilmartin.

Shrewsbury Township Committee: Democrat Glenwood Puhak.

Shore Regional Board of Education (Monmouth Beach): Anthony Villane.

Shore Regional Board of Education (Oceanport): Frank Pingitore.

Spring Lake Council: Joseph Erbe Jr. and David Frost.

Spring Lake Borough Board of Education (Full Term): John Clark and James Worth.

Spring Lake Heights Mayor: Republican Christopher Campion Jr.

Spring Lake Heights Council: Republicans William Graetz and Christopher Willms.

Spring Lake Heights Board of Education: Anne McGarry and James Carey.

Spring Lake Boro Mayor: Democrat Jennifer Naughton.

Spring Lake Boro Council: Republicans Joseph Erbe Jr. and David Frost.

Monmouth Regional Board of Education (Tinton Falls): Sharon Wisdom.

Tinton Falls Board of Education: Christopher Theobald, Teena Patel and John Livingood.

Tinton Falls Council: Tracy Buckley, Mike Nesci and Risa Clay.

Union Beach Mayor: Republican Paul Smith Jr. 

Union Beach Council: Republicans Albert Lewandowski and Anthony Cavallo.

Union Beach Board of Education: James McGrogan and Ashley Ann Perez.

Upper Freehold Township Committee: Republicans Stanley Moslowski and LoriSue Mount.

Upper Freehold Township Board of Education (Upper Freehold): Vanessa DePompo and Christine Ciccarone.

Wall Committee: Republicans Kevin Orender and Thomas Kingman.

Wall Board of Education (Full Term): Russell Gartz, Ralph Addonizio and Joseph Hall Jr.

Wall Board of Education (2 Year Term): Andrew Krupa.

West Long Branch Council: Republicans MaryLynn Mango and Stephen Bray.

Shore Regional Board of Education (West Long Branch): Diane Merla.

West Long Branch Board of Education (Full Term): Brian Kramer, Christine 'Tina' Skellinger and Lauren Gassman.

Monmouth County Sheriff - Republican Shaun Golden.

Monmouth County Freeholders - Republicans Tom Arnone and Dominick 'Nick' DiRocco.

Monmouth County Assembly 11th District - Democrats Eric Houghtaling and JoAnn Downey.

Monmouth County Assembly 12th District - Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton.

Monmouth County Assembly 13th District - Republicans Gerry Scharfenberger and Serena DiMaso.

Monmouth County Assembly 30th District - Republicans Sean Kean and Edward Thomson.

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