Marianne is has left a handful of Helpful Hints to help get you through while she is cruisin' the Caribbean!

  • Prevent thread from tangling when you are sewing:  before you start sewing, thread needle and run needle through a fabric softener sheet - this should do the trick!
  • Keep celery fresh: wrap it in tin foil and put in crisper drawer
  • Keep potatoes from budding: place an apple inside the potato bag
  • Recycle wine:  save the last few drops of wine from a bottle and form little wine ice cubes; use the frozen wine for casseroles, sauces and to add flavor to other future meals
  • Open tight jars:   wear latex gloves to get a better grip

Your Results

Let us know if you successfully used any of these or previous Helpful Hints!  Leave your comments below!

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