If you are sick of everything politics, we know you'd rather talk about a more delicious type of controversy.

We want you to help us build the perfect Jersey Shore burger. We hope that no lawyers or recounts will be necessary. For this controversy, there is only one battleground state, and the thing we're battling about is our favorite thing...food.

The perfect Jersey Shore burger should reflect the fact that we live in a place known as the world capitol of diners, and the place known worldwide for it's boardwalk food. That's a lot of pressure , and we haven't even gotten started.

All it took to get this all started was throwing this out to a couple of friends and they immediately got to work. One of them immediately came up with a burger full of signature Jersey Shore stuff.

How does this sound to you, because it sounds awesome to me. His Jersey burger is topped with pork roll, a hunk of mozzarella and a slice of fresh Jersey tomato. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to order one of those.

I asked him why the mozzarella, and he said that around here mozz is like onions on a side salad. You only have to mention it if you don't want it. I had to laugh, because that's true. We didn't invent it, but we are good at mozzarella here in New Jersey!

Another friend said we should use a $20 dollar bill instead of lettuce since everything is so expensive here. True but not very tasty . And imagine how much the burger with $20 lettuce would cost.

So, we like you to chime in on this. Tell us one ingredient that should be in the Jersey Shore burger, or build the whole thing from the bottom to the top. We're looking forward to your suggestions.

Our panel of absolutely not experts will put them all together and then we'll reveal the perfect Jersey Shore burger. Thanks in advance for your help! And, no, we haven't figure

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