We are just a few weeks away from a new school year here at the Jersey Shore as classes resume in September. Question is, what kind of school year will it be? Will kids be in class? will they be masked? will you opt for homeschooling?

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A new survey is out from HireAHelper.Com and according to their findings, NEW JERSEY is #1 with the best public schools in the nation. The survey had the following findings....

1. New Jersey

  • Overall composite score: 98.0
  • Reading scores (difference from national average): +8.0 points
  • Math scores (difference from national average): +8.5 points
  • Total state spending per student: $20,512
  • Pupil-teacher ratio: 12.0
  • Graduation rate: 91%


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We wanted to ask YOU what you thought of our schools here at the Jersey Shore as we get ready for a new school year in just a few weeks....


Mel: I think they need to be fully funded. #StopStateAidCuts

Ted: Teachers need better in-class resources, and need better encouragement. School properties need attention (parking lots, windows, HVAC, etc.). Layers upon layers of ‘upper management need to be trimmed. School bus routes, careless drivers and dangerous bus stops need to be addressed.

Lori: NJ schools are always ranked either 1st or 2nd. We usually switch back and forth with Massachusetts. Being a teacher is not an easy job so many think it is and teaching, as a profession, is not given the respect it deserves. Our schools are ranked where they are because of the teachers. They are the ones who compensate for the lack of funding (go to a Target or Staples when they have their sales), they encourage their students to achieve up to their abilities (whether that’s honor roll or getting a C) and they would protect their students (your children) with their life. NJ schools are not perfect, very few things are, however, the reason for its success sits with the teachers.

Kyle: Headed down a slippery slope.

Paul: Toms River educated my two daughter who are college graduates. i think Silver Bay Elementary is a great school with a great group of teachers.

Liz: Happy with the HS I graduated from. Dover HS … Happy with the school my children graduated from. Brick HS

Eric: Both of my kids graduated SRHS, with excellent educations. And besides, it can't get much cooler than when they filmed an x-files episode there :) 


How do YOU feel about our "public schools" here at the Jersey Shore? A new survey says NJ's public schools are number one in America....share your thoughts and comments ....


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