A woman is being treated for acute aspiration pneumonia and respiratory failure after being rescued from the Metedeconk River in Brick Township Saturday night.

Brick Police Chief James Riccio said officers were called to Eagle Point around 9:00 pm in response to a woman missing in the water.

The operator of the boat she was on had called 911 after losing sight of her in the water for several minutes.

Several officers responded to Eagle Point while others mobilized the two police boats out of Trader’s Cove Marina.

The Coast Guard, State Police Marine Unit and the Brick Fire Department Dive Team were all notified as officers converged on the area where the victim last went missing.

Officers John Alexander and Eric Haugh were operating one of the police boats in the area where the boat operator said he last saw the victim.

That also where officers heard a faint call for help and found the woman who was having trouble keeping her head above water.

They threw her a life ring but she couldn't grab onto it.

Officer Haugh then drove the police boat down current from the woman as Officer Alexander began taking off his police gear to make a water rescue but he ended up not having to do so as the currents brought the woman up to the side of the boat.

The two officers were able to grab her arms and pull her aboard.

Police estimate the woman spent about an hour in the water before being pulled out.

She was blue and semi-conscious when pulled aboard and Officer Alexander kept her awake and administered first aid while Officer Haugh brought the police boat to Eagle Point where other officers and EMTs were standing by to then bring her to Ocean Medical Center where she was treated for acute aspiration pneumonia and respiratory failure.

She remains stable as of Monday afternoon.


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