We've all had this thought at some point: "Ughhh, I don't feel like going grocery shopping!"

First you have to get out of the car. Then you have to go shopping. Then you have to pay. Then you have to load your car. Then unload when you get home and THEN put it all away.

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Too much work.

Well now there is a first-ever alternative that just opened here at the Jersey Shore.

Introducing....Farm Stores!

It is a drive-thru convenience and grocery store that just opened up at 175 Route 37 in Toms River.

Sing it with me: HALLELUJAH!

They actually opened their doors...TODAY, on Friday, July 30th! They will be open everyday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Here is how it works.

You will never have to step one foot inside the store. Instead, you place your order on their mobile app or with one of the store's employees.

The workers gather up the items in your order, brings it to out to your car and even load it on up so a lot of the work is taken out of the equation for us customers. *YES!*

And what can you get at Farm Stores?

According to NJ.com, it is just about anything you would get on a regular grocery shopping trip.

"Farm Stores sells groceries, coffee and fresh-baked goods. It [also] caries essential products like milk, bread, eggs and fresh produce, as well as paper products, bagels, soups and salads."

That just about covers it.

But there is a catch.

This drive-thru service is more for when you need a few emergency items on the way home from work and not for those humongous, bulk shopping trips that you go on to stock up the household.

“We’re the drive-thru version of the ’10 Items or Less’ checkout lane of your supermarket, plus the drive-thru version of your favorite coffee shop or convenience store,” is what is written on their website.

Nuts...so we aren't out of grocery shopping all together but still, I'll take it.

Because do you know how many times I planned to stop for just a few, quick items from the grocery store and didn't?

Yea....A LOT! I would pull up to the parking lot, spot the busy entry ways and exits, and pull off and say "forgot it" to myself.

And great news: a second location is expected to open up in Beachwood this Fall.

So lazy shoppers...if we may raise a glass and UNITE!

Take a look at Farm Stores' Website or NJ.com for info.

And if you don't feel like stopping at a grocery store on the way home from work, give yourself a break and stop at a diner instead.

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