Dating during a pandemic sounds difficult, right? It sure can be because, let's face it; you're not going to meet anyone at a bar, a party or a concert.

But don't give up. Love is out there. You just need to know where to look.

Lauren Conaghan, director of New Jersey Singles, a personalized matchmaking service, says it's been harder for people to meet others while being stuck at home during the pandemic. But one thing she's noticed is that New Jerseyans are taking better stock of their lives these days.

While online dating is fine if people want to have a cyber relationship during the pandemic, there are others who desperately need a social life and want to meet someone special. Matchmaking is a great way to go because all profiles are done in person, she said. All questions, from physical preferences to compatible traits, are asked so that matches should be spot on when two people get together.

As far as dating during the pandemic, Conaghan said get creative. While indoor dining remains open in New Jersey and dates can get together for a socially distant meal according to CDC guidelines, she said there are other things to do.

Take advantage of the great outdoors and the crisp, clean air. Dates during a pandemic could include long walks, a hike, picnics on the beach. Go explore Cape May, New Hope and a boardwalk. There are so many nooks and crannies of New Jersey waiting to be toured and discovered.

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Conaghan said the bottom line is if two people really like each other, they will find a way to be together, pandemic or not. So just have fun.

But beware of the red flags if you choose to do online dating now or anytime. Conaghan said online spaces are full of scam artists and people trying to take advantage of others in this difficult time. People are lonely so they're more vulnerable.

"Not everyone is a good person," said Conaghan.

Conaghan has one more piece of advice.

"Life isn't over. The pandemic will be over, God willing, sooner than later. But try to enjoy life," she said. "If this has shown any of us anything, it's really to take stock in our own life and to fix and make positive changes where we can. Why not try to have that connection with somebody who you can enjoy life with who's maybe in a similar position in life that you are."

NJ Singles has offices in Colts Neck, Saddle Brook, Bridgewater and Princeton.

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