It's only the first week of January, and already New Jersey is having a tough time on the national stage. This time around the spotlight is on the Garden State's level of laziness. And the results are not good.

I guess this time of year is a time when national publications like to rank each state in different categories. There have already have been three this week, and we're basically only one for the three, and even the one isn't that great for us.

Let's recap the two rankings we've already received this week.

New Jersey is the dirtiest state in the nation. Ouch. Yep, that's right. We own the top spot in the study. What a way to start the year. Even when we 'win' we lose.

New Jersey is the 26th greediest state in America. Only in New Jersey can we be relieved to be 26th. We're virtually high fiving each other for being in the middle of the pack. That's right, good old average us.

And that brings us up to the latest ranking we have to digest here for the Garden State, and spoiler alert, you're not going to like this one either. The topic...laziness. What could go wrong, right?

Let's start by reminding ourselves how hard we work and how hard we play. Then let's add in how hard we try. We put our heart and soul into everything we do, so that must keep us out of the the top 5 on this hideous list, right? Spoiler alert: Wrong.

It turns out in the rankings provided by research done by BestLife, New Jersey is the 5th laziest state in the nation. Some of the factors that contributed to our bloated "Lazy Index Score" (78.46) were our nearly 3 and a half hours a day watching TV and our 4.53 gyms per 100,000 residents.

I guess all that's left to do is thank Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia for keeping us out of the top spot. We'd send thank you cards or emails, but that would mean we'd probably have to get off the couch, and you know how we feel about that.

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