Jersey Shore Giants fans who were hoping for a harmonious, winning season from our beloved Big Blue may have to be a little concerned.

The very early part of a brand new season has begun, with Giants training camp opening just days ago, but there are already headlines coming out of the early action, and they're not the good kind of headlines.

According to, two Giants were involved in an altercation that resulted in punches being thrown after yesterday's practice. That's right. Giants fighting Giants at only the third practice of the season.

To tell you the truth, even though I knew that football practices had begun, my stress was still being directed at my horrendous Mets, since I usually hold off worrying about the Giants until September, but I guess this year, I have to budget for both in August.

Of course, Giants folks brush the incident off and say it's no big deal. Some people even think it shows some fire for the new season. I've been a Giants fan too long to just believe that.

Actually, this works out well. Why be only upset at the Mets when the Giants are fighting each other in July.

I love sports.

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