New York Giants fans all over the Jersey Shore are rejoicing. The Giants had the best weekend of the season this weekend.

If you are a Giants fan, it doesn't get much better for Big Blue than it did this weekend. There were no tears and no heartbreak.  Finally a week we can be proud of.

This weekend the Giants were undefeated. No team in the NFL lost less than our team did this weekend. We had no losses added to our record and, as far as we know, no injuries added to our list.

Daniel Jones recorded 0 interceptions and 0 fumbles, and the Giants receivers did not have one dropped pass. This is the kind of weekend fans dream of.

So, how do we explain this sudden surge of happiness in Giants land? It's a weekend the league technically refers to as a bye week.

Of course a bye week means you don't actually play a game, which for the Giants and all the fans is about the biggest blessing we could hope for. There is only one piece of bad news to come out of this weekend.

The league is forcing us to play a game next weekend, leaving the door wide open for interceptions, fumbles, dropped passes and another loss. It turns out, if you read the rules very carefully, you find out each team only gets one bye week per season.

Ridiculous rule. Now we have to actually play again next weekend (11/24, 1:00pm @ Chicago Bears on Fox), leaving our hearts open to being broken and our eyes open to witness the carnage.

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