Listen, my kids are going CRAZY being homebound in a COVID winter. Today for example I caught my daughter sitting on the top of our wood floor staircase on a dog bed as a make-shift sled and as I screamed, "nooooo" she threw herself and our puppy down the stairs for a thrill. After making sure no one had to go to the emergency room I asked her why she did it and she said she was so board that she just had to do it. That's why I'm listing some places to hit asap to relieve this kid (and yours) of cabin fever. Here are some local boardwalk spots to keep you and your kids sane during the winter!

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What I love about hitting the boardwalks right now is that everyone is a VIP. You get rockstar parking and you have the place to yourself. Let's enjoy it while we can! I live close to Long Branch so it’s become my go-to beach. I love the ease of having everything we need right in Pier Village like restaurants from fancy to casual, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Sugar Pop Candy Bar not to mention little shore shops (I must confess I used to go there wondering if I would see Mike The Situation Sorrentino who lived in the condos above but no such luck).  Speaking of which, I'll give you a look inside his new mansion at the end of this post so keep scrolling!

Next, let's not forget about the wide open mile-long Belmar boardwalk…this is the prefect place for a jogging stroller and a mom in sneaks that wants to get her work out in!

I’m always on board for an Asbury Park day too!  From Convention Hall to the casino there’s killer ice cream and plenty of games at the Silverball Retro Arcade to keep em’ busy!
In the summer I live for Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, but it's always great even in the winter. Their arcade and aquarium are still open even though COVID.

OK, now we’re about ready to go back to my high school stomping grounds…Seaside Heights. I still love it and now I have a teenager to vicariously live though.  We go to Lucky Leo's, eat the best boardwalk pizza and soak in the mile of fun and nostalgia.  Fist pump anyone?
I'm ready to get out of the house too, get some fresh air and grab a good slice!  Our boardwalks are a gem, let's enjoy them together all year long and keep our kids from hurling themselves down the stairs!

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