I have a riddle for you: What is affordable + affordable?

YES! Affordable IS the answer. Wow, you're smart.

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Thanks to two retail giants, a new store -- the first of its kind actually -- is coming to New Jersey and yes, the theme is affordable!

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to NJ.com, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar will come together as one for a new, HUGE Family Dollar/Dollar Tree store.

Not sure what they are going to call it though. Dollar squared?

But can we actually keep the price range for this store to one dollar or under? Otherwise, you need a new store name.

The store is going to be 19,5000 square-feet and will have the best of both worlds since both brands have different specialties.

According to NJ.com, Dollar Tree will bring a nice variety of party items, school supplies, greeting cards and seasonal decorations.

Family Dollar will bring along their frozen/refrigerated foods, pantry goods, beauty products, household supplies and clothing.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It will be the best of both worlds all at one location!

“Dollar Tree has had significant early success with this new combo-store format and targeted this desirable market for expansion,” said Vanessa Fernandez-Kelty, leasing representative for the space. “[The store] will have a whole new look and feel when the store opens.”

The only bad news is that this store has already been confirmed on Park Avenue in South Plainfield. Sorry, Jersey Shore.

But you never know - this ultimate affordable chain could expand in New Jersey if this first location does well.

This news was just unveiled so I am not surprised that no opening date has been announced yet.

Any other retail giants you think should join forces?

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