LAKEWOOD — A drug deal gone bad led to a stabbing and shots fired on Sunday night, police say.

Lakewood police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith said Nyshawn Bergstrom, 20, of Lakewood pulled a handgun on Zachary Koeser, 27 of Toms River in an attempt to rob him during a transaction outside a house on Martin Luther King Boulevard around 9 p.m. The two fought and the gun was fired at least three times, Staffordsmith said.

Koeser pulled a knife on Bergstrom and stabbed him in the lower abdomen, Staffordsmtih said.

When officers arrived, the found Koeser holding a knife in his right hand and holding Bergstrom by the back, Staffordsmtih said.

Bergstrom was hospitalized and was in stable condition on Monday morning, Staffordsmith said.

Koeser was charged with aggravated assault, and Bergstrom was charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. Both were charged with weapons offenses.

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