Don’t you just love it?  You’re driving down the Garden State Parkway and all you want to do is jump off the exit and head east.

There is a beach waiting for you on the other end.

Let’s take Ocean County for example.

You get off exit 82, and you travel down 37.  You’re driving towards the signs for Seaside Heights, you’re going through the lights.

Then finally, you get to the Mathis Bridge.

With confusion, the light is green, but traffic is backed up.

What is happening?


Chase Baker, Unsplash
Chase Baker, Unsplash

Oh, the drawbridge is raised, and now we’re all sitting there just waiting for a boat to pass.

This is a thing.

This is a familiar sight.

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It’s a little annoying if you are driving to one of our beaches, but even more annoying if you are a local trying to get somewhere on time.

Once the boat passes, then it takes a few more minutes for the bridge to power, for a light to change, or for a bar to raise.  Yes, it can get a little annoying.

Now, what if they went away.

What if they are as tall as the westbound side of, staying in Seaside here, 37?  It’s a tall bridge with no need to be raised.  In fact, it doesn’t even have a drawbridge.

Oh, ever wonder how many drawbridges we have in the state of New Jersey?  The answer is 18 according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

One made a huge transformation according to a little history lesson from NJ DOT.  The RT 36 Highlands Bridge.  According to the NJ DOT Facebook page, the bridge which was built in 1932 was “demolished in 2009. It was replaced with a fixed span bridge that spans 65 feet above the water and serves as a vital coastal evacuation route. It connects the townships of Atlantic Highlands and Sea Bright.”

You can see a big difference between the two bridges.

NJDOT, Facebook
NJDOT, Facebook

I think there is a good reason why we all get annoyed when the bridges are up.

We just want to get to brunch.


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