Toms River Township Police are asking people to stay away from the area along the barrier island along Seaview Road as they are on scene along with EMS after reports came in of juveniles becoming trapped in the sand.

There are multiple police units and EMS currently on the scene close nearly two hours after the reports came in around 4:09 pm about juveniles becoming trapped while they were digging in the sand which then collapsed.

Further information is not yet available as this is a developing story

Toms River Police are asking that you don't go to that area in Chadwick Beach.

UPDATE on Toms River beach sand collapse:

Toms River Police issued an updated statement around 7:00 pm on Tuesday evening adding that a family was visiting the township from out of town and spent the afternoon on the beach off Seaview Road along the barrier island.

Two teens were digging a large hole Tuesday afternoon when it suddenly collapsed entrapping both of them.

Toms River Police Officers and Detectives, Toms River EMS, Toms River Fire Companies, the Toms River Fire Technical Rescue Team, Lavallette Fire Company, Lavallette Police, Lavalette Public Works, Seaside Heights Fire Company, Ocean County Sheriff's Office CIU, and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office were all on scene investigating the incident and working to help rescue the teens.

The 17-year-old girl who fell in was rescued and treated at the scene, police said, but her older brother, Levi Caverly, 18 of Union, Maine passed away.

As of 7:00 pm Tuesday evening, Toms River Police said rescue crews are on scene working to recover Levy from the collapse.

Here are images of the rescue efforts.

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