I believe chicken is hands down one of the best foods around.

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I could go off on a Forrest Gump rant of all the fun different ways you could cook chicken.

You can fry it, you can bake it, marinate it, put it on a salad, put it in a wrap, smoke it for 6 hours in a smoker, slow cook it, baste it, stuff it.

The list could go on and on.

Generally speaking, I'll cook my chicken at home, seldom will I actually go get chicken at a restaurant.

That being said there are a few exceptions to that rule.

When Popeyes came out with their chicken sandwich that basically started a turf war a few years back I went out to try that.

When I go to a baseball game, chicken tenders are a must have.

Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash

There's one other place that I will absolutely go to for chicken instead of making it at home and sadly there isn't one in the Garden State.

Although, according to Patch.com that will change soon!

This place is well known for having not only amazing chicken, but also good fries, Texas toast and some other tasty sides.

They currently have hundreds of locations throughout the country and they are expected to make a mark in the Garden State in the next year.

When I lived in State College actually, one was opening right down town.

We ended up moving to the Jersey Shore before they opened, but it's a small price to pay to live near the surf and sand!

So what delicious new chicken restaurant will take New Jersey by storm?

It's a company that got it's start in Louisiana, and will begin to expand rapidly here in New Jersey.

We will be getting at least 3 Raising Cane's Chicken restaurants in 2023, and I couldn't be more excited!

I was never a big 'go out for chicken' guy until I tried Cane's, I think it gives Chic Fil A a run for their money, and Chic Fil A is awesome.

Although there is no exact open dates, Patch.com does relay that the chain will open up in Marlton NJ, Burlington NJ and Cherry Hill NJ.

Further more, Patch.com reports that the chain will open five additional locations in 2024.

I would not be disappointed if one of those locations was right here at the Jersey Shore!

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