Residents of Monmouth County have been scratching their heads after learning about the shutdown of a neighborhood staple after being in business since 1963.

There's something to be said about "mom and pops" that have managed to stick around.

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These are the businesses that are part of the community.

They sponsor town events and school athletics.

The employees know your name and your kids' names.

It's very common that the owners know you and your family and are running things on the floor instead of sitting in an office in the back, or not even being in the store.

This is not a knock on chain stores, but they will never be able to replicate that authentic hometown touch of a business that has been around for decades.

Residents in Red Bank and the surrounding community were surprised to learn that Crestview Pharmacy will be closing its doors at the end of the month.

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Crestview Pharmacy was an old school establishment where generations had their medicines handled.

You could also walk into the store and get lottery tickets, greeting cards, stationery supplies, and candy.

News of the impending closure was rather sudden as members of a Facebook community group claim that employees were operating as business as usual as recently as last week.

One user found out by reading a sign on the door of a nearby Walgreens that all of Crestview's prescriptions were being transferred there.

Crestview itself is supposedly staying open through November for everything except prescriptions.

Some have said that the owners are planning on relocating while another eagle-eye found that the building has been on the market for just about $2 million.

It is a prime location on Route 35, and those stand-alone stores tend to get taken over by drive-thrus. Just what we need!

If you're a customer of Crestview and prefer a hometown pharmacy, some nearby options include:

Middletown Family Pharmacy - Main St. - Belford

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bayshore Pharmacy - Bayshore Plaza - Atlantic Highlands

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Google Maps

Crestview was loved by the community. The outpouring was overwhelming on social media.

This was my childhood. I remember as a kid walking here with my friends and family with $2 from our grandfather, which seemed like so much money, to get candy from the pharmacy. My grandparents live right behind it and we felt like such grown-ups being able to walk there ourselves and figure out which candy we wanted, counting down to the cent as we rummaged through the aisle. There are so many memories that came with this place and the amazing workers. They always put a smile on our faces as each employee was patient with us as we put back candy and would grab something new to make sure we got the most out of our $2. I’m saddened my daughter will never get to experience this and just another chapter in my childhood I have to close.

Thank you to the employees and owners of Crestview Pharmacy. We hope that you will be relocating to a nearby location and wish you much success.

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