As New Jersey residents, we are always on the move.

Driving, or walking, signs point the way. (Craig Allen photo).
Driving...or walking...signs point the way. (Craig Allen photo)

So many roads. So much congestion and confusion.

A sign...waiting to happen. (Craig Allen photo).
A sign...waiting to happen. (Craig Allen photo)

Needless to say, we are surrounded by road signs.

? (Craig Allen photo).
What's (not) happening here? (Craig Allen photo)

I don't know about you, but sometimes, it feels like...

Look closely...another 'right lane ends sign' is down the road. (Craig Allen photo).
Look closely...a different type of 'right lane ends sign' is down the road. (Craig Allen photo)

...there are signs that tell us to watch for signs.

Some traffic signs are "so Jersey."

This sign = New Jersey. (Craig Allen photo).
This sign says New Jersey. (Craig Allen photo)

You'll never see a "circle" sign in another state. The traffic circle is a Jersey thing.

The Somerville, Flemington, and the Pennington Circle(s) come to mind.

And, sadly, there are fewer of them, with the loss of the Marlton Circle (and Olga's Diner). All these years later, I still look at that overpass, and say to myself: "This is where the circle used to be."

Then, there's the road sign that you will never see in New Jersey:

This sign = Northern Wisconsin. (Craig Allen photo).
This sign says Northern Wisconsin. (Craig Allen photo)

I saw this "snowmobile crossing" sign just outside of Eagle River, Wisconsin in my travels a couple of winters ago.

And, just to prove that I was there...

This Jersey boy is freezing! (Craig Allen photo).
This Jersey boy is freezing. (Craig Allen photo)
loading...'s not a great picture of me...but, what do you want? It was 5 degrees, and that's not taking the wind chill into account.

What road/traffic signs have you seen that you will only find in New Jersey?

In your travels, what signs have you seen that tell you that you are clearly NOT in New Jersey?

Hey, New Jersey, "here's your sign" (or not).

I'm challenging YOU.

Please share. 

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